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Technical Product Manager



IT, Product
London, UK
Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2023

At DigitalGenius our mission is to make online shopping a seamless experience. We believe we can achieve this using conversational AI and deep integrations.

While most chatbots only cause more frustration, we have built the Ecommerce chatbot that actually works. It can resolve customer issues end to end, detect carrier problems, perform investigations, issue return labels, refunds, replacements, and do all of this proactively before the customer even notices the issue. The bot also replies to emails, analyses pictures of defected products and can guide customer service agents. On top of all that there is advanced analytics that delivers metrics not only on AI performance but also unique insights on order delivery bottlenecks.

Some of the Customers that have already joined us on this mission are: On, Holland&Barrett, MyTheresa, Rapha, Air-up, Volcom, G-Star.

As the technical product manager you will be continuously working on new features that either increase the value delivered to customers or make the current features more off the shelf and user friendly for non technical users. You would need to have a good understanding of the tech behind the product. You would also keep track of the latest advancements in the AI field such as generative models to spot opportunities for product innovation. We are a customer centric company so you would spend a lot of time with our customers diving deep into their use cases, problems, and processes.

About us

We are a committed team of like-minded people who together believe in the product we are building as well as the vision behind it. Each in our own bubble of autonomy and responsibilities, we take ownership of our contribution. But the magic happens when we collaborate as a team and make all those pieces fit together.

DG is for the passionate, the curious and the overachievers. We thrive by exceeding expectations not because we have to but because we CARE.

So if you’re a Care Bear you would fit right in.

We are looking for an energetic, hands on entrepreneur with strong technical skills who loves building SaaS applications of the future. The role is focused around an off the shelf UX, modern design, and continuous innovation to “wow” our customers. We are looking for candidates with a recent track record of passion in at least one of the following fields:

  • AI
  • no-code platforms
  • RPA
  • Helpdesk/CRM
  • E-commerce
  • Modern B2B SaaS

Engineering Skills

We expect you to have strong enough engineering skills to be able to:

  • quickly code prototypes of your ideas/hypothesis without involving engineers. Your coding skills need to give you independence and pace to do small prototypes to validate important technical or UX assumptions.
  • with innovation being at the heart of this role - your coding skills should enable you to find innovative opportunities much faster.
  • understand the tech behind the complex fields of AI, no-code platforms and integrations.
  • work closely with the engineering team, speak their language, and design the core architecture of the product.
  • connect with our customers’ and prospects’ senior technical stakeholders and engage in architecture, security, scalability, and other technical discussions.

We don’t expect you to be contributing to production code, but you are welcome to do so on an ad hoc basis where it’s related to your core product initiatives.

Communication Skills

We also expect you to have stellar communication skills to:

  • speak with customers, get to the bottom of their pain points, and spot opportunities for new features.
  • attend pre-sales meetings with potential customer stakeholders such as Head of Customer Service, CTO, CIO, etc, to listen to their needs, answer their technical and product questions, pitch the roadmap, share our vision, and ultimately build trust in DigitalGenius to be their long term partner of choice.
  • articulate product features internally and create effective product marketing materials in collaboration with a PMM.

Entrepreneurship & Product Management Skills

We are looking for someone with experience in product management, who has already launched successful products end to end in a Co-founder, CPO/CTO, or other Senior product role for a startup between the Seed and Series-B stages. We expect you to have the artistic and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to:

  • see opportunities for product features where others don’t.
  • “get out of the building” and understand the customer, go through the noise of multiple stakeholders to tune into key signals from the customer and identify where the core needs lay.
  • express the product vision to move people and make them believers in our product.
  • coming up with innovative product features that address customer needs to deepen the value we deliver and reinforce our mission.
  • use your customer insights and product vision to make hard decisions on what features to prioritise when there will be conflicting priorities.
  • together with our Head of Product Design come up with seamless UX for complicated and often technical features.
  • effectively lead the product development effort.


Computer Science degree or relevant engineering experience.

5 years of experience building and shipping technical products.

3 years of experience in startups (pre-seed to series B) launching product(s) end to end in a senior product role (Co-founder, CPO, CTO, Head of Product, first Product Manager hire, etc).


  • Design the product direction, roadmap and strategy for product areas within DigitalGenius product.
  • Engage with customers to understand their Ecommerce operations, uncovering pain points to identify opportunities for new product features that can add more value.
  • Communicate the product vision, features and architecture internally and externally with customers, prospects, events.
  • Attend in-person onsites with our strategic customers/partners to build relationships with technical stakeholders and contribute with your product vision and technical expertise.
  • Take leadership and responsibility for product decisions.
  • Partner with engineering, UX and other DigitalGenius teams to execute the product roadmap.
  • Work closely with PMM on product releases, user guides, and product marketing.
  • Assist the sales team with technical sales that require strategic product input.
  • Step into some pilots run by the Customer Success team and assist with technical expertise and product leadership. At times take ownership on the release management of a new feature which would have a big impact on pilot conversion.
  • Test the features released by the engineering teams before they are pushed to production.
  • Engage with Solution Engineers (SEs) who are developing integrations and building automation flows for our customers. Guide the SEs on following a productised approach to coding integrations and standard components.